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Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
18 March 2008 @ 01:06 pm
You would think after 48 hours of no sleep, one would have no problem sleeping all night long; but NO, my damn head has to cap it at one and a half hours and call it a night.

Freakin' stupid head.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
27 February 2008 @ 03:09 pm
Six minutes well spent.

Keep in mind while watching this that these people make some of the best, most reliable and most respectable cars in the world.

Maybe Americans need to rethink football and start playing with some rubber bands.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
26 February 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Spring break starts next week. For me, it starts at 2:15 tomorrow. I am literally itching to be done with school. I'm doing wicked sweet this semester, at the expense of my love and social life. It's a really, really big expense. All those hippie people are telling me that I'm forgetting to live, that life isn't about what we make of ourselves, it's about who we are, who we love, and who we touch. Agreed. Partially. Life is also about not being a lazy idiot who sits on their broke ass all day long. Believe it or not, I can be myself on the weekends and be a professional the other 5 days of a week. I'm going into freaking nursing, my amazingly calm and loving personality will touch people every day. That was a joke, in case anyone wasn't bright enough to get that.

Also, I don't agree with the hippie people because they're okay with living in cardboard boxes all their lives. I would prefer a roof that doesn't leak, thank you very much. Their major is my gen ed... I love that quote.

Speaking of quotes, why the frick does anybody respectable use xanga? It is so filled with these mindless girls who post lyrics and seemingly deep poems (keyword: seemingly. Ladies, do some research before posting some of those things, please). Granted, I'm one who writes for the sake of writing, not for the sake of being read, but STILL. If you're just going to post a new set of lyrics everyday, WHY THE FRICK DO YOU BOTHER. People can just listen to the radio if they want new lyrics everyday.

Oh, yeah, and they actually canceled school today. Do you know how often that happens? NEVER. I slept for six extra hours. It was amazing.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
24 February 2008 @ 05:54 pm
(Overheard about a 4 year old)

"I'm upset... Conner has been saying 'hate' recently. I don't know where he learned it!"

"Probably from kids at school."


"I know, it's terrible. You should talk to his teacher about it."
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
23 February 2008 @ 10:11 am
Inch your car up to the parking lot entrance, look at me coming towards you. Look the other way. Look at me again. Debate whether or not you have enough room to pull in front of me. Think about it for another minute as I get closer. Decide you're an idiot and pull in front of me after giving it a lot of thought, therefore cutting me off.

Next time you spend so much time thinking about whether or not to cut me off, I'm going to spend time thinking about whether or not I should hit my gas pedal instead of brake so you have to pay for cutting me off. D-bag.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
22 February 2008 @ 02:31 pm
... but when the guy across from you is reading everything out loud to himself, why wouldn't I rush to tell the world:


Awesome update: also, to the girl who keeps getting up and taking samples, hoping no one sees.... I see you eating the entire loaf of bread. I'm not judging you, because everyone loves free food, but I do see you.

Awesome update number two: to the man who just stuffed a whole bunch of the sample bread into a shopping bag... I saw you too, and I am judging you a little bit.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
19 February 2008 @ 03:46 pm
Today was interesting. I had a patient who was 450 pounds. No, that was not a typo, four hundred and fifty pounds. Ouch, it's gotta hurt to walk with that belly. Also, two patients whose command of the English langauge wasn't the greatest, as displayed below:

"Have you been eating your meals?"

"Yes, I drink lot's of coffee!"
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
18 February 2008 @ 06:53 pm
Had to be worse than mine. Today in and of itself wasn't entirely dispensable, but events building up to the suckiness that was my today made it almost unbearable. Between the mostly sleepless night, the still not having a phone, the hardcore tests being pushed FORWARD (forward, not BACK) a day (making it tomorrow, p.s., regardless of me having to go to clinical at 5 freakin a.m. in the morning, I have an exam at 12 that was supposed to be on Wednesday). Between the group projects where my group does NOTHING resulting in a poor grade and my contact ripping in half seconds before the presentation, so I'm winking at every classmate in the room. Somewhere, between everything, something had to have been good.

Something, somewhere, had to make me smile. Maybe it was the inch long paper cut on my thumb. Maybe it was the not getting a chance to eat most of the day. Maybe it was the 80% on the quiz I studied my ass off for. Maybe it was the realization that this so-called amazing class will never get better. Maybe it was the fact that I look like crap today. Maybe it was that my right eye has been hurting since the ripped contact at 11 a.m. Something, please, something had to make me smile.

Maybe it's the fact that it's 7 o'clock and I just got done with the day's assignments and haven't even glanced at tomorrow's. Maybe it's the fact that I stood up one of my best friends because I can't make it to her place, and because of the lack of phone, have no way to contact her. Maybe it's the fact that a lot of my friends are hurting, and I'm not there for them because I don't have any time any more. Maybe it's the fact that my boyfriend and I are fighting. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like I have no where to turn because I've stood up so many people and backed out of so many things and forgotten so many promises. I don't know. Something out there had to have made me smile.
Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
17 February 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Congratulations on planning your wedding. You and your mother seem very excited to be meeting with this photographer, he is exactly what you're looking for, and I am aware you are 99.9% sure you will choose him. Why am I sure of this particular percentage? Because you screamed it, loudly. Because the phase "indoor voice" is meaningless to you as you sit in the middle of Panera Bread, proclaiming loudly to the world that you do not have a wedding planner, you are your own wedding planner. You have always known, all your life, somehow, that you would be the one to plan your own wedding. Congratulations.

Your fiance really wanted to help plan the wedding with you, but for some reason, changed his mind and is now spending the afternoon changing spark plugs with his father. You are getting married October 11th, because your fiance is superstitious about the number 11, and so he has to get married on that day. But oh my, you are graduating college in December, and here you are, all by yourself planning the wedding! You're so good, so you don't even have a wedding planner.

The girl you chose for your flower girl is very well behaved and wants to wear a fluffy dress, and your nephew will look ADORABLE in a little tux. You are going to wear heels on your wedding day, but wish you weren't, because you have a bit of a problem with walking in high heels. So when you fall flat on your face and are lying the aisle wearing heels against your wishes, please photographer, make sure images are captured as "I told you so!" is escaping your lips.

These things, and more, are things I wish I did not know about you, girl sitting next to me wearing a Boston sweatshirt. I wish I did not know them because I am trying to do pharmacology homework and read about what happens when patients with renal failure take digoxin. But instead, woman, I was forced to sit here reading the same paragraph repeatedly as your loud words overtake every other noise around me. Nobody really cares about you, woman, so please, shut up and stop acting like everyone wants to know every detail of your life and how you are planning your own wedding... WITHOUT A WEDDING PLANNER BECAUSE YOU'RE THAT GOOD. You kinda drove that point home. A lot. Annoying bitch.
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Laurellz...Lover of all things Red Plaid & Duckie
I agree with you, good sir, that despite being past your obvious prime of life, you should be able to dance around in the driver's seat, singing hip-hop to anyone within a 25-foot radius. You have enriched everybody's lives just a little bit, because we now know that we are not the most ridiculous, nor the worst, singers on the planet. Thank you, Puff Grandaddy.